Mar 7, 2013

News and chlorination

Hi guys. After few months without fresh news, here I am. In facts, there were many things which occurred in my life, but now it is over. All is the way it should be. Talking about changes, I am pleased to announced you that my rubber gears collection is growing as time passed (thanks Santa Claus ^^ and recent benefits due to my professional life - as everyone know, money is not negligible when you talk about rubber/leather). What you will enjoy is that I have done many photo shoots and pictures are coming soon... 

From:      Future Fetish

More seriously, today I will talk about chlorination. I have recently acquired a latex shirt from Future-Fetish, a germany based latex designer. It was a black one with long sleeves, just see pictures:


Black shirt is a classic, regarding rubber gears. It's something everyone must have (did I say, even the non-kinster of us? well... it's an idea... ^^ ). But what I want to try was not the feeling of the tight rubber making "love" with your body, you know what I am talking about. No, it was what was next to the mention of the thickness of the rubber: "0.5 mm black, chlorinated". To summarize, chlorination is a chemical process to make the latex feels more smooth and soft, and add a new dimension to rubber fetishism. If you wish to have more explanations, there is two excellent posts which were written in 2011 by NoSafeWord. Here are the links:

As a conscientious tester, I obviously had to try this. And it was a fucking awesome good idea. I took pictures before and after using vivishine on rubber. Let them talk for me.

As you can see, chlorinated rubber is looking matt BUT don't need any lube to put on the skin (however, I won't advise you to do so). After a vivishine bath, you could see how it virtually looks like a mirror, really more than with regular rubber !! And I won't tell you what it adds to rubber scenes, you could imagine it well I guess... Wasn't it a good idea ?

Dec 9, 2012

The hint of the month: December = training videos

Hi guys, i's been a while since my last blog update, so there are fresh news. First, I decided to add contents to this blog more frequently, to make this blog what I think it should be: a place where you can take a seat, grab some informations about how amazing the kinky world is and have a great time. I know it will ask for time and a great deal of effort, so I will try to make my best.

Then, what do we have this time ? I launched a new kind of post, labelled "The hint of the month". As it says, I will give you some hints concerning how to improve yourself during your games. And for december, we start with a famous duo on the net: Two knotty boys. They are specialized in ropes, and show us how to make great knots using them in a bondage way. Here is for example how to make a "head cage".

There are plenty of knots examples, all what you need to train yoursefl. I found them at , don't know if it is there official page but you can check it easily.

The second hint of the month is about "Fet in real life", a man who gives you usefull informations about kinky gears, restraints and other cool stuffs.

He looks to be a very cool guy, and talks about how to make your own restraints too. You can find him at .

I hope this first post will help you to make some steps more into the little kinky-dreamers world. Don't hesitate to send me comments, I am always interested in how to satisfy you in the best way (no bad ideas guys, thanks ^^ !).

Sep 18, 2012

A tool you'll call "your best friend"

  A friend of mine asks me recently how I can be sure my most important documents won't be steal on my computer. Well, I've answered him, but what he don't know is that I use these tip to keep all of my own porn and kink related datas away from prying eyes. Today, I will talk about this wonderful tool, which is going to change your life if you don't already know it: Truecrypt.

  Truecrypt is one of the most well-known way to securise your datas by placing them on a virtual encrypted disk. In facts, you have a partition on your computer you can use in the normal way, but it is represented as a single file on your disk. You create a encrypted file first, you give it a password, and to access (or "mount") your secret disk, you have to enter it. You are the only one who can see the content of the disk, really useful when you have inquisitive friends or when you use your computer at work. And the best part is, that the tool can be launched in "portable-mode": "which means that it does not have to be installed on the operating system under which it is run".

  You can download Truecrypt by following this link. The documentation may help you if you have any problems, and feel free to ask me questions.

Aug 26, 2012

Panel Suit

From:      Regulation London

Regulation London has launched recently some new rubber designs on their online shop ( Just go and look if you find your are looking for ! Well, I do.

I am pretty attired for their new "Panel Suit", it is really, really, really sooooo good looking (and the model too, no ?). I am thinking buying it in the exact same colours as shown in pictures, in black and yellow. But, to be sure, I have made some experiences using Photoshop. These are results, blur a little your vision to make it looks perfect ;D (and save the picture on your disk to see it in full size).

How do you feel about it ?
The main critic I can make is that it is only available with a full-around zipper entry. I'm totally for a shoulder entry, equipped with a cod piece.

Aug 17, 2012

Rubber T-Shirt Raglan Sleeves

From :    Invincible Rubber
Link :
Latex gauge :                           0.45mm_-_0.17-20_inch
Price when bought :                 £48,95 / €62,60 / $76,87  (may change hourly)

Recently, I realised I mainly bought black rubber clothes. Black is the unavoidable classic colour when you talk about latex. With the add of some shine effect (with products as Vivishine), a black rubber sheet reveals all of your sensuality and add a other dimension to fetischism. BUT, I felt I was needed something more... fresh, vibrant and vivid. So, I looked at my wish-list, and I saw this:

A raglan T-shirt, whith short sleeves. Just perfect, I have time and money, so why not ? Looking at Invincible Rubber' colour chart, I was a little disappointed. I really wanted to try an orange one, with red sleeves, but they don't provide orange sheets. Maybe the next time. My second mind was a red one, with blue sleeves, and this is now the result:

Well, the appliqué work is really well done, and the shirt fit my chest in a perfect way. The red is a little less vibrant as I thought, but it is a great shirt yet. I add my touch of a few colours in this so sad world ^^.

Rubber catsuit with cod piece and shoulder zip entry

From :    Invincible Rubber
Link :
Latex gauge :                           0.45mm_-_0.17-20_inch
Price when bought :                 £215,95 / €276,17 / $339,11  (may change hourly)

So, as my first post on this blog, I will start with one of my rubber piece I recently acquired and... well, now, it is my favourite one. I am talking about this rubber catsuit, from Invincible rubber. I have just one thing to say: to have a rubber catsuit change your life. Having your body totally encased in rubber, feeling any rubbing on the surface with the local change of temperature you or your partner make when you/he touch this second skin... Yes, we can say "second skin". Provided that you use (like me) some products like Vivishine, it's a pleasure for eyes to see the shining effect added, sublimating your suit. These are photos from Invincible rubber.

Invincible Rubber©
 During past years, I have bought many rubber clothes as small parts, such as sleeveless tops, shorts, and later leggings and long sleeves tops. Now I realised I ever wanted to cover all my body with rubber, not all the time but mainly. It results in money I have "wasted" in these small outfits. So, now, I can say this: If you are novice and have never wore a rubber cloth, first try to see how you feel in a few expensive part like a short, or a short sleeves top. And if you liked it (which is self-evident), don't waste too many cash in small parts as me, buy straight a catsuit.

I will add that I bought this catsuit for the shoulder zip entry: zippers are virtually invisible when you look at the front, and it let your chest perfectly smooth and slick. Moreover, it a convenient way to go in and out of your catsuit. The diameter of the codpiece hole is 2" (5cm), not to big or small for your toy. You can add ankle and wrists zips, if you don't like to stretch the rubber when you wear it. I don't, because I think less is best.&nbsp

These are now my own photos, was a great moment -> my first time in a catsuit ; D

Aug 9, 2012

The Young, the Wish and the Try.

  Hi. As you will read in my description, I’m a 23 year old student living in France. I won’t tell you what the kink community is, or what it looks like, first because many other kinksters (who are best placed than me) have already posted some very well-written post on their respected blogs. I also recommend you to cast a glance at the column on the right side. The other reason is, I’m not at all a very active member of the community, not to say just a man who is trying to find his way.

  Few years ago, I bought my first rubber gear. It was a black rubber sleeveless t-shirt, with red sides (for curious, photos are coming). I always remember how I felt the first time I weared it, the latex stretching across my body, the light reflecting on the black glossy surface… A friend of mine said the first time is always a fail, well I disagree (he was not talking about rubber, of course).

  Needless to say it was the consequence of a growing fascination for the rubber scene, and later for the bondage one. For all of us, during past years, internet has turned into an easy and powerful access to a large source of inspiration, readings, about the journey of mans more experienced or to see what is done by retailers. What I will try is to share with you my feelings and to give you some advices on my purchases. Obviously, feel free to send me your own experiences with clothes or accessories, I will post them as soon as I can.

Have a great time on my blog,